Sunday, December 23, 2012

Pledge Your Protection to the River

As we head into the coming week of holidays we are thinking about family and friends, about the world we live in and how we can make it more loving and warm for all those we care about.  We also think beyond our homes to the world beyond, to those in need. 

This year, among those in need are those that are suffering from the ravages of shale gas, fracking and their drill sites, pipelines and compressors.  Also among those in need are the ones who have suffered the devastating storms, floods and more that are being brought with increased intensity and frequency because of the changing climates brought on by our intense use of fossil fuels.

So as you head into the week of holidays and thinking about others, please think about the steps you can take today to make a change for our energy future, to help us ward off the ravages of drilling, fracking and climate change. 

Please take a moment to take a pledge of resistance and protection for the Delaware River watershed and all the communities that live here, work here, recreate here and enjoy all we have to offer.

And take a moment to commit to demand a better energy future – one that lights and warms our present and future with greater energy efficiency and sustainability and rejects the ongoing and increasing use of fossil fuels.

You can make your pledge at

And don't forget to send in your one minute video of what you want to say to Governor Corbett so I can bring it to my meeting with him on January 8th and let him hear directly from you your thoughts on the issues of sustainable energy, drilling, fracking, pipelines and compressors.

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