Tuesday, December 18, 2012

15 Days In Our Countdown To A Pipeline

It is just 15 days until January 2nd arrives, the date the Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company plans to begin mobilization for the tree cutting and devastation that begins construction of its NorthEast Upgrade Project.  As of today TGP does not have all of the permits it needs for this project -- there are still outstanding permits on the New Jersey side and the Army Corps of Engineers has not given all of its approvals and of course our request for a rehearing to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) remains outstanding -- but TGP is not to be deterred and still plans to begin its mobilization and project come the second day of the new year.

What it is now
In response to our request for a stay pending a hearing TGP told FERC:
"Intervenors have failed to establish that they will be irreparably harmed if a stay of construction of Tennessee’s Northeast Upgrade Project (“Northeast Upgrade” or “Project”) is not granted.  By contrast, Tennessee will suffer substantial harm..."

What it will become if TGP has its way
The deforestation of public and private lands, the denuding of banks along pristine streams and wetlands, removing trees that have taken generations to grow, and the exposure and devastating transformation of streams and wetlands that have taken many life times to evolve, is not an irreparable harm to TGP.  But a delay in the project that may cost them some money -- well that constitutes a harm they say should not be tolerated.  

I have one word to this perspective -- WARPED.  

Well maybe a few more: disgusting, selfish, greedy, an assault on past, present and future generations that cannot be tolerated.  

So what have I as the Delaware Riverkeeper done today to protect our streams, wetlands, forests, Rivers and communities?  

I have authorized and ordered my lawyers on staff to file a challenge to the Pennsylvania permits that were issued for this project along with a request that the Environmental Hearing Board (EHB) of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection issue a stay pending the outcome of that legal proceeding.  The Delaware Riverkeeper Network has put together the case and filings that we know justify such a step by the EHB. The only question is whether they will take the steps necessary to act upon it.  To learn more about today's filing:  http://www.delawareriverkeeper.org/resources/PressReleases/PR%20supersedeas.pdf

Also today the Delaware Riverkeeper Network and our colleagues at Energy Justice are announcing a training to take place on December 29 to learn about lawful nonviolent direct action and how citizens can effectively and lawfully exercise their first amendment rights in the face of the power that is a pipeline company.  This training will have the TGP NEUP as a focus, but by no means are the topics and skills learned there limited to use with the NEUP pipeline -- the skills and knowledge to be gained at the training can be used in the face of any environmental harm that is being unjustly inflicted upon a community.  So consider coming to the beautiful Upper Delaware to learn how you can help us keep our whole watershed beautiful, safe and protected for the benefit of us all.  To learn more and sign up:  http://www.delawareriverkeeper.org/about/event.aspx?Id=313

And also today we invited any and all residents of Pennsylvania to share with us a one minute video that can be taken to my meeting with Governor Corbett in early January to bring to him the voices of the Commonwealth that have been impacted by drilling, pipelines, compressors and fracking and/or that have an opinion about the value of sustainable energy for fulfilling our present and future energy needs.  
To learn more and how your video could become part of this meeting with the Governor:  http://www.delawareriverkeeper.org/resources/PressReleases/videos_for_Corbett.pdf

We are at 15 days and counting -- and remain undaunted in our efforts to protect Delaware River and all Pennsylvania and New Jersey communities from the needless devastation the TGP NEUP pipeline project and the shale gas drilling sites it services will bring.

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  1. I hope you are successful in your endeavors. The rape of our environment for the benefit of a few is unconscionable and will be paid for by future generations. We were meant to live in harmony with the natural world not to exploit it to the point of ruin.


    K. Pearson