Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Dance of the Birds

I've been reading "Last Child in the Woods", a fabulous book about the healing, educational, nurturing, learning and soothing power of nature in the lives of children, families and really all people.  The level of scientific and real world documentation on the value of nature for helping people learn, grow and deal with health and learning disabilities (including ADHD) is phenomenal.

As much as I am out in nature for my work and in my personal life, enjoying this book is a powerful reminder that I need to be sure that I and my children are taking the time to learn from the earth, which of course reminds us why it is so powerful and important to protect it from harm.

The book is inspiring me to take extra effort to appreciate nature with my family.

It was on this past weekend while I was doing just that when i witnessed a spectacular bird display -- exceeding the beauty of any fireworks display in its moving majesty.  And I wanted to share -- so we can all be reminded that when we take the time to look, nature is always more than willing to inspire us to be better people with its beauty and power.

(Watch video below or click on "The Dance of the Birds" title to this blog post to see it on youtube and be able to make it full screen -- and be sure to watch as the show builds with more and more birds, so much that you can hear the swoosh of their wings.)


  1. Where was this murmuration? I've seen them from time to time over the past 50 years or so, but not of this duration!

    1. And it went on a lot longer before and after than i have put up -- i edited it down a lot, i mean a lot.
      Is that what it is called? murmuration?
      it is right by my house.

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