Friday, October 30, 2009

Delaware Deepening -- Where Will the Spoils Go?

Yesterday I toured the confined disposal facilities where the toxin and pollution laden spoils from the Delaware deepening project would go if that project moves forward. Contrary to what Governor Rendell is telling you, all of the contaminated spoils will go to 8 sites located in communities in New Jersey and Delaware, none of the dredge spoils will go to Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania will get the remains of the rock that is blasted from the bottom of the Delaware River near Marcus Hook; the rock is quite a different beast than the toxin laden muck that is the spoils.

Does Rendell know he is telling a lie? Yes, he does. I have a letter from Governor Rendell to Governor Corzine saying so -- making clear that he knows so.

What do these sites look like? They are quite lovely actually. They are wide open spaces that are attractive to wildlife -- hence the threat. You put toxic muck in these sites it is an invitation to contamination for the wildlife as you can see from the photos.

The harms of the deepening are vast and varied.
For a quick overview check out the video below.
For more information check out the many postings on the Delaware Riverkeeper Network website --

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